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True Geometry Adaptation

Traditionally, adaptive mesh refinement of HF frequency domain solvers based on a tetrahedral grid does not improve on the initial, faceted representation of the structure. The originally created tetrahedra are just divided further where necessary. Here the mesh adaptation will converge, not to the results (e.g. S-parameters) of the actual structure, but to those of the initial, segmented model.

CST’s new mesh adaptation approach is different. The nodes of the newly created tetrahedra are not simply placed on the edges of already existing ones, but they are projected back to the input model: they literally “snap” to the original geometry. With the release of CST MWS version 2009, CST is the only commercial vendor to offer a high frequency Finite Element type solver that accurately converges to the real solution, even for rounded structures. This new technology is another milestone in CST’s history.

Mesh adaptation and convergence. The cylinders of the connector model are segmented before meshing. The small connector pictures show the 6 segment and the 12 segment version. In all cases, a mesh adaptation was performed and the S-parameters were converged.

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