CST – Computer Simulation Technology

The CST user interface

The CST design environment is common across all the modules in CST STUDIO SUITE®. Comprising a 3D modeling tool and a schematic layout tool, the design environment combines a pre-processor for the solvers and an intuitive interface for the user. For projects that span multiple modules, this shared interface streamlines the simulation workflow. Not only can models and fields be transferred from one simulation to another, but the user can operate all of these modules using the same Ribbon-based interface.

The Ribbon uses tabs to group all the tools and options needed to set up, carry out and analyze a simulation, according to their position in the workflow. Contextual ribbon tabs mean that the most relevant options for the task are always just a click away. The Ribbon, alongside with the Project Wizard and the QuickStart Guide, provides guidance to new users and offers access to a wide range of features.

The 3D modeler at the heart of the interface uses the ACIS 3D CAD kernel. This powerful tool allows models to be constructed within CST STUDIO SUITE and edited parametrically with a simple WYSIWYG approach. 2D and 3D field results are presented within the model itself, with numerous possible ways of viewing the data, including animation.

In addition to the 3D modeler, CST STUDIO SUITE also includes a block-based schematic tool, CST DESIGN STUDIO (CST DS). As well as offering circuit simulation, CST DS also allows models to be linked together and simulated, using System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) to build up a complex system from simpler elements.

The CST design environment is also compatible with OLE automation, allowing simulation and post-processing to be controlled through external applications such as Excel or Matlab, so that data can be extracted automatically for further analysis.

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