CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Distributed computing

A lot of the time, a single task requires multiple independent simulation runs. This is often the case when carrying out parameter sweeps and optimizations – however, even a standard full-wave simulation often requires multiple port excitations or multiple frequency samples, which are carried out individually. These parallel tasks can be set to run on separate computers in a cluster using distributed computing (DC).

In a typical DC set-up, one or more users have access to the CST STUDIO SUITE® front-end on their workstation, and these workstations are connected over the network to solver servers. One server acts as the main controller, automatically sending tasks to free solver servers, queuing pending tasks and transferring the results back to the user. With DC, solver servers with different amounts of RAM and different processing capabilities can be used, allowing ad-hoc clusters to be set up easily.

In multi-user environments, each user no longer needs a high-performance workstation that they only use occasionally. Instead, each one can be given a simple thin client workstation connected to a central cluster. This allows large teams to use computing resources much more efficiently, and offers more versatility in simulation performance.

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