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A Reconfigurable Partially Reflective Surface (PRS) Antenna for Beam Steering
Lu-Yang Ji, Y. Jay Guo, Pei-Yuan Qin, Shu-Xi Gong,and Raj Mittra
Vol 63
pp 2387 - 2395
Beam steering, partially reflective surface (PRS) antenna, phased array antenna, reconfigurable antenna
The design of a novel partially reflective surface (PRS) antenna with the capability of beam steering is presented in this paper. The beam steering is realized by employing a reconfigurable PRS structure to achieve a changeable reflection phase as well as using a phased array as the source to excite the PRS antenna. A prototype antenna including the biasing network is fabricated and measured. It achieves a consistent beam steering from -15? to 15? with respect to the broadside direction across an overlapped frequency range from 5.5 to 5.7 GHz with measured realized gains over 12 dBi. Good agreement between the simulated and measured results for the input reflection coefficients and radiation patterns is achieved, which validates the feasibility of the design principle. Compared with other beam steering PRS antennas, the proposed one enables a larger beam steering angle with comparable gains, requires a simpler biasing network, and is more compact.

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