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Investigation of Electromagnetic Field Perturbation With Respect to Mechanical Imperfections in Radio-Frequency-Quadrupole (RFQ) Structure
Ki R. Shin, Yoon W. Kang, Sang-Ho Kim, Aly E. Fathy
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Volume: 59, Issue: 5, October 2012
2428 - 2434
Field distribution, mechanical imperfection, radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ)
Electromagnetic (EM) fields near the beam axis in a radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) are very sensitive to dimensional changes especially on vane tip geometries. Due to measurement difficulties, field distribution around the beam axis is generally assumed to be equal to that measured outside of vane gaps in quadrants using a bead-pull technique. If an RFQ structure has any mechanical imperfections in its vanes, local field distributions around the beam axis could be different from the design field profiles. The distorted field may affect beam quality as well as the operational stability and reliability of the RFQ system. In order to understand changes of field distribution in the RFQ against localized mechanical imperfections, a study with systematic 3D simulations has been carried out using a model developed for the RFQ in Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Field information at various locations such as around the beam-axis, bead-pull positions, and pickup probe positions are investigated with the vane tip perturbations. Design considerations for proper field retuning with perturbation are also presented and discussed to help future RFQ designs.

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