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3D Photonic Device Simulation


Photonics offers solutions to some of the global challenges of our time. Photonic devices play a key role in modern technology and are used for a wide range of applications such as sensing, communication and computing. Numerical simulations aid in design and optimization of these devices and structures and can provide a way to analyze any what if scenarios even before the device is fabricated. Simulating such devices helps in optimizing their efficiency and in reducing cost of design and development. 3D electromagnetic field simulations are a crucial aspect of optical and photonics design.

This eSeminar will present CST® STUDIO SUITE® for photonics simulations and show how modeling can provide useful insights into the design and optimization of photonic and optical devices. We will also discuss the simulation of multiphysics effects such as heating and losses due to thermal heating as these play an important role in many optical applications,

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