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Accuracy in Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE 2016

February 2016

Accuracy in Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE 2016
CST STUDIO SUITE® is an electromagnetic simulation tool used to design, analyze and optimize devices and systems at all stages of the development process. It is used in industries as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical and energy, and covers the electromagnetic spectrum from statics to optics. By replacing physical prototypes with virtual ones, engineers can study how their products work at the earliest stages of design and reduce the number of physical models that need to be constructed. For virtual prototyping to be a viable option, the simulation tools need to be accurate without sacrificing performance. For this reason, the release of CST STUDIO SUITE 2016 builds on the success of previous versions with a range of new features that make the analysis of systems more powerful while building on CST’s reputation for accuracy.

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