CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Antenna Design for the Detection of Alive Buried Victims under Thick Layers of Rubble

Floc’h Jean Marie, IETR The antenna is used with UWB Radar techniques in order to locate buried alive victims. The detection is based on the signature of alive persons by using Doppler analysis of movements and respiration. Detecting victims in this environment is very difficult due to the large dynamic range of signal levels. In fact, the reflected signal caused by the buried alive victim is very low behind other reflected or disturbing signals such as mobile phones, vegetation movements, water, rescuers… A two flares UWB antenna, light weight and easy transportable has been specially design for the research of buried victims beneath building rubble. This paper focuses on antenna design, simulation using CST software and measurement. These measurements have been made by IETR and CEA. The experimental results show a good comparison between measurements and simulations. The goals for the design were: - Frequency band: 300 MHz – 3 GHz - Compact antenna - Gain around 10 dBi at the center frequency - Low back side radiation - Good impulse response - Very light weight antenna

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