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Beamforming Patch Array Antenna and Butler Matrix Simulation

The design of a Switched Beam Smart Antenna Array, capable of pointing at targets in real time, is demonstrated in this article and is based on a microstrip patch array with Butler Matrix feed. The various design stages are performed using a combination of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) and CST DESIGN STUDIO® (CST DS). The array is designed to operate at 5.25 GHz and consists of 4 microstrip patches. A single patch, which exhibits an omnidirectional radiation pattern, is optimized using the integrated CST MWS Optimizer. Two approaches are shown for the calculation of the array performance of a single patch and the 4-patch system. Once the optimal patch parameters have been ascertained, the focus shifts to the feed network design. CST DS can be used for the feed design in two ways: to perform a co-simulation between CST MWS and DS; or to create a layout in CST DS of a microstrip Butler matrix which can be exported to CST MWS and simulated directly as a patch array....

Figure 1: Patch geometry and optimised farfield

Figure 2: Two methods for the antenna array farfield calculation

Figure 4: CST DS Butler Network Array

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