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Characterization of Photonic Structures with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO

Stefan Prorok, Hamburg University of Technology We present an overview of our current research activities in silicon photonics and thermal barrier coatings. Doing so, we will comment on how CST Microwave Studio can be used to design strip waveguides, micro ring resonators, as well as 2-D and 3-D photonic crystal structures. Particularly we will concentrate on the discussion of photonic crystal micro cavities which can be used as electro-optic modulators. It will be shown that MWS provides all the functionality to optimize and characterize optical micro cavities. The appearance of resonant modes is adjusted through eigenmode calculation of the photonic crystal waveguide modes. Time domain simulation with discrete port excitation is applied to calculate the intrinsic Q-factor of the cavity. Waveguide ports are used to model experimental conditions of excitation with strip waveguide modes. Field monitors help to understand the mechanism of energy loss from the cavity. The simulation results are compared to measurements on fabricated structures. As possible application we will show a hybrid silicon organic hetero structure cavity for GHz electro-optic modulation.

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