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CST STUDIO SUITE 2012: System Assembly and Modeling

December 2011

CST STUDIO SUITE 2012: System Assembly and Modeling

The key challenge facing RF engineers today is to minimize the time taken for the design and optimization of components, but the ability to do so is impeded by the need to use different EM simulation tools for different aspects of the design. By embedding state-of-the-art solvers based on different numerical techniques, such as Finite Integration Technique (FIT), Finite Element Method (FEM) or Method of Moments (MoM), in one single user interface, CST® has provided engineers with a universal toolbox to choose from. However, although the optimization of individual components in isolation is important, it might not be enough. The systems’ performance might be affected by the interdependence of components and an optimization of the entire system may, therefore, be required.

Reprinted with permission of MICROWAVE JOURNAL® from the December 2011 ©2011 Horizon House Publications, Inc. December 2011

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