CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Electromagnetic Simulation in Radar System Design

This eSeminar will discuss the application of CST STUDIO SUITE® to a full radar system design.

CST’s complete simulation technology enables the most appropriate method/solver to be applied to the diverse range of components typically found in a radar system. For the digital design, combined PCB/package analysis is necessary to achieve adequate signal integrity and minimize interference/emissions. CST’s transient solver is ideal for capturing the broadband performance of the PCB/package.

On the RF/MW feed system side, different field solvers are put to work for designing and optimizing the various components, including FIT, FEM and MoM. For the antenna element design, unit cell analysis is first applied to simulate an infinite array.

After optimizing at this level, the full (finite) array is simulated using high performance computing techniques enabling the influence of edge element effects and mutual couplings to be understood. Finally, coupling of the antenna back into the feeding cable and electronics can be taken into account using the hybrid 3D field / 2D cable solver technique in CST CABLE STUDIO®.

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