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Long Range Connector Via Coupling Effects for High Speed Signals

Thomas-Michael Winkel, Roland Frech, IBM Entwicklungs GmbH Thomas Gneiting, AdMOS GmbH The interface between a multi pin connector and the printed circuit board is a critical part of the signal path in high speed digital systems like mainframe computers. Long range via coupling effects are analysed for connectors with a huge signal count and high speed signals using CST Microwave Studio simulations. A realistic cross section of the printed circuit board with a mixture of ground and voltage layers have been taken into account. It was possible to understand the reason for this behaviour by analyzing the field distributions during the signal propagation inside the printed circuit board. A further important result was the calculation of the magnitude of the distortions to judge their impact on the signal integrity of a complete system. Finally, the long range crosstalk effect was verified with time domain measurements on a specially designed test card system.

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