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Meta-Modeling with OptiY: Design Space Visualization for Electromagnetic Applications

Meta-modeling is a process to win the mathematical relationship between design parameters and product characteristics. For each point in the parameter space, there is a corresponding point of the design space. Many model calculations should be performed to show the relationship between outputs and inputs systematically. The computing requirements of the product model are so high that it is practically infeasible. Adaptive response surface methodology can be used to solve this problem. The mathematical relationship between design parameters and product characteristics presents a new dimension of the simulation results and is called a meta-model. Based on this meta-model, a virtual optimization or test of the virtual design can be performed very fast to evaluate and to improve the design under real conditions. The meta-model can be exported into C, Modelica, or Matlab code for further using as a surrogate model in system simulations such as Matlab/Simulink, circuit-simulators. We apply this to a hybrid waveguide junction in CST STUDIO SUITE®. The design parameters are the geometrical dimensions of the junction. The reflection and transmission at the operating point 8GHz are defined as design goals.

The-Quan Pham, OptiY e.K.

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