CST – Computer Simulation Technology

Modern EM Simulation for Aerospace and Defense Applications


Electromagnetic simulation tools are widely employed in the analysis and design of modern electronics and machinery. CST STUDIO SUITE offers cutting edge simulation technology and specialized features to address those simulation needs. This workshop will demonstrate the capabilities of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and CST EMC STUDIO to tackle MW/RF and EMC/EMI simulations for aerospace and defense applications. The following topics will be covered:


  • Antenna and Antenna Array Design
  • Installed Performance Analysis, Coexistence with other Antennas
  • Complete Technology and Hybrid Solvers for Problems of Scales
  • Multiphysics: Thermal and Mechanical Effects


  • E3: Lightning Strike, EMP, HIRF
  • Composite Material Modeling
  • Effect of Seams, Slots, and Vents
  • Coupling to and from Cables


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