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Multi-Objective Optimization of an Isoflux Antenna for LEO Satellite Down-Handling Link

For recent satellite missions, new and more stringent performances are requested for the antenna pattern, especially in terms of cross-polarization discrimination and operative frequency bandwidth. This entails a redesign of the electromagnetic structure, improving the electrical performance by inserting a series of slots across the corrugation walls. The break in the geometrical symmetry requires now more complex 3D EM description with a large increase in computation time and memory resources. Multi-objective optimization has been considered, combining the use of one of the most applied electromagnetic codes CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® with the modeFrontier® code by ESTECO. The complete geometry definition should require over 100 independent variables, so that the possibility to optimize the antenna performance becomes a very strong demand. This represents a typical multivariable and multi-objective optimization problem which has been resolved by the modeFrontier approach using the powerful capabilities of the optimization ambient.

Rodolfo Ravanelli, THALES ALENIA SPACE

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