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Optimization of a Small Wideband Antenna Using CST and Mode Frontier

Yael Kaldor, Rafael This work describes the simulation and optimization processes of a small antenna located on a large platform. (The platform size is 13? x 3? x 3?). The required antenna frequency performance is wideband and it is required to perform under severe environmental conditions. The antenna structure was modeled and simulated using CST (MWS) for return Loss and Radiation Pattern performance. The antenna model was parameterized to allow future optimization. The Return Loss specification for the Antenna was -8 dB maximum (VSWR 2.2:1) over a 30% bandwidth. Simulated Return Loss was initially poor over the full frequency range (sufficient performance was obtained over 6% bandwidth only). See Figure 1. The Antenna model was optimized using Mode Frontier for Return Loss performance over the full frequency range. The optimization results are depicted in Figure 2. The Return loss and VSWR performance were highly improved using the optimization process. 34% bandwidth was obtained.

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