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Simulating the ESD Measurement for High Value Feedback

February 2008

Simulating the ESD Measurement for High Value Feedback
Simulating EMC performance using 3D electromagnetic modeling software in the time domain has advantages over frequency domain modeling because a wide frequency band is simulated in one run. However some phenomena like ESD, lightning strikes, EMP or other transient phenomena can only be simulated in the time domain. The TLM-TD method can be used to simulate a model of an ESD gun for analyzing induced currents on wires and visualizing the discharge current path on electronic equipment. The main benefit of performing an ESD simulation is that it gives results which could otherwise be difficult or even impossible to measure. It is also a very quick simulation to perform. In this paper examples of using the ESD gun simulator to mimic measurement setups and address real design problems at an early stage are presented.

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