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Simulation of Accelerator Components

A particle accelerator is a very sophisticated machine which combines many different components, including cavities, magnets, beam position monitors among others. Multiple competing design goals play a role in the design of these components. The particle acceleration and therefore the input power should be as high as possible, but this can lead to increasing multipaction and thermal problems.

Simulation software can help during the complicated design process in various phases. The webinar will describe different aspects of design in which CST STUDIO SUITE® can be of interest, beginning with simple eigenmode simulations and the choice of the correct solver. Accelerator specific post-processing features are addressed as well as multiphysics approaches. A short look into magnet simulation will be also given. Last but not least, the field of particle dynamics will be shown, including multipaction and impedance analysis. The webinar will include both an introductory overview as well as new features, making it suitable for both new and long-term users.

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