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Simulation of Dipolar and Quadrupolar Wakes with CST PARTICLE STUDIO

The Wakefield solver of CST PARTICLE STUDIO® (CST PS) allows the location of both the source beam and the wake integration path to be defined separately. We use this feature to disentangle the dipolar and quadrupolar contributions of the wakes. Indeed, these two terms play an important yet distinct role in the collective beam dynamics of charged particles in accelerators. In this study, we describe a method to obtain the dipolar and quadrupolar contributions of the wakes with CST PS. This method was then applied to simple models of accelerator structures, such as smooth beam pipes of finite resistivity and ferrite kickers. The simulation results were successfully benchmarked to available theories, and confirmed that CST PS can simulate dipolar and quadrupolar wakes, which will be used as inputs of beam dynamics simulation codes.

C. Zannini, E. Métral, G. Rumolo, B. Salvant; Cern, Genève

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