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Socket EM Analysis for a Semiconductor Probe Card and BGA Contact

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) has been successfully applied to the analysis of various semiconductor testing arrangements. All simulations were performed in the Time Domain, allowing broadband S-Parameter and frequency field results to be obtained in a single run.

Courtesy and Copyright of AET, Japan.

Figure 1: Probe card geometry and S-Parameter results

The structure of the probe card is shown in figure 1 with the S-Parameters between the conductors shown up to 10 GHz.

Figure 2: BGA IC socket geometry with S-Parameter results

The geometry of the BGA IC Socket is shown in figure 2. It consists of long, narrow circular tungsten conductor pins. Again the S-parameters between conductor terminals are shown over a broader frequency range, namely 0 to 20 GHz.

Figure 3: BGA spiral contact and S-Parameter results...

Figure 3 shows the geometry of the BGA Spiral Contact with corresponding S-Parameters.

Figure 4: Electric field and surface current plots

Figure 4 shows the surface currents and electric fields in the spiral connector and the cantilever probe card. CST MWS allows the field results to be displayed in both time and frequency. The surface current, for example, is plotted at 2 GHz and the electric field at 0.5 GHz. Any arbitrary number of frequencies can be obtained in one single simulation.

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