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VBA Macro for the Construction of an EM 3D Model of a Tire and Part of the Vehicle

A VBA script has been developed using CST STUDIO SUITE® tools to represent all mechanical elements in the space around the tire in a vehicle, incorporating this complex geometry in a parametric way. One of the applications of this script is the study of EM field propagation inside and outside the tire. The same script is capable of choosing the appropriate mesh parameters to optimize the simulation time, with the radiating element inside the tire. It is also capable of setting field monitors at all frequencies and running the simulation automatically. The tire geometry is mainly designed with azimuthally variable tire sections, taking into account the deformation of the tire. The main advantages of designing a parametric geometry controlled by a VBA script are the possibilities of: a) adapting the model to different vehicles and tires; b)  studying the EM propagation in the whole 3D space for different orientations of the tire and angular positions of the radiating element, without the need of re-designing the structure; c)  changing the deformation of the tire near the ground surface due to the load of the vehicle, taking into account the asymmetries of the model. The EM effect of this deformation on the propagation depends on the position of antenna; d) running many iterative simulations and changing the iteration variables simply by introducing the VBA script inside a cycle “for … next”.

Guillermo Vietti, Politecnico di Torino 

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