In the competitive electronics market, electromagnetic simulation can offer a decisive advantage, reducing the number of costly prototypes needed and shortening the design cycle. The CST Webinar Series 2013 will examine design challenges across the field of electrical engineering, in microwaves and RF, EMC, EDA and charged particle dynamics.

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Automation and industrial equipment | MW and RF & Optical

MIMO antenna systems for advanced communication

Multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) systems are a major field of study for researchers interested in achieving high data rate communication in typical urban multi-path environments. Although a fast analysis can be based on S-parameters, this approach has limitations. A more detailed analysis needs to take into account broadband, farfield and antenna properties. These are especially important in presence of the human body.

This webinar will show how simulation can be used to calculate the effect of hand and head (e.g. CTIA models) on mobile devices, MIMO for wearable antennas and different power weighting functions for different environments, along with post-processing options for envelope correlation (including spatial power weighting functions), derived quantities diversity gain and multiplexing efficiency. Finally, there will be a demonstration of the link between CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® and Optenni Lab for multiple antenna matching to optimize power transfer to antennas while minimizing cross-coupling.

October 24th 2013: 8AM (PT), 11AM (ET), 5PM (CET)

Approx. 60 minutes

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Ian Wood graduated from the University of Victoria with an M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. His research involved developing a compact planar imaging array for use in radio astronomy. He worked as a student researcher at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, assisting in the production of 84-116 GHz receiver cartridges for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array Telescope. He currently works for CST of America where he provides advanced antenna simulation solutions for customers in a variety of application fields.

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