In the competitive electronics market, electromagnetic simulation can offer a decisive advantage, reducing the number of costly prototypes needed and shortening the design cycle. The CST Webinar Series 2013 will examine design challenges across the field of electrical engineering, in microwaves and RF, EMC, EDA and charged particle dynamics.

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EMC/EMI | Automotive and Transportation


Train Signalling System Interference Estimation by CST MWS

This webinar presents results of the TREND project, that aims to define the conditions to control EM emissions that affect the signaling and communication systems on board of trains. We focus on the EM simulation of the interferences received by BTM antennas (Balise Transmission Module). The BTM loop-antenna is placed beneath the locomotive floor and operates as a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader that interrogates balises that are distributed along the railway track as part of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERMTS). The BTM loop is victim of radiated and conducted EM interference generated by the main current path of the train's engine: from pantograph to the tracks. We make use of TLM solver for wire modeling and combine a high resolution mesh for the BTM antenna embedded into a model that represents Oaris, a train manufactured by CAF.

This work is supported in the context of FP7 European project TREND (Test of Rolling Stock Electromagnetic Compatibility for cross-Domain Interoperability, contract number 285259).

December 5th 2013: 8AM (PT), 11AM (ET), 5PM (CET)

Approx. 60 minutes

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Daniel Valderas received his PhD from Tecnun, University of Navarra, in 2006.
He has been a researcher with the Electronics and Communications Department of CEIT since then. In 2002, he joined Tecnun and is currently an assistant lecturer for the Electricity, Electronics and Control Department. He is a member of IEEE and his research interest are in the area of Antennas and Electromagnetism.

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